Internal Medicine

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The Department of Internal Medicine provides outpatient and inpatient services for a wide range of medical specialties and emergencies. We are staffed with highly competent consultants and specialists who are dedicated to render their expertise in various sub-specialties:

Cardiology – We offer a full range of non-invasive and invasive cardiac care and clinical therapies for patients with complex disorders of the heart, blood vessels, and circulation.

Dermatology – We offer diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, skin allergies along with a broad spectrum of skin disorders.

Endocrinology – We provide consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for the following disorders: diabetes, osteoporosis, and hyperparathyroidism. It is our primary concern to improve the quality of life for people with endocrine problems by effectively reducing complications and aiding them for the ultimate prevention and cure.

Gastroenterology – We manage a full range of services: from screening and diagnosis to advanced treatment for patients of all ages dealing with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, biliary tree, and liver.

Hematology – We cater to a wide range of congenital and acquired blood disorders, as well as safe and skilled care for patients with hematological conditions.

Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases – We provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care; consultative and diagnostic services for patients with all types of infectious agents including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

General Medicine – We manage comprehensive primary care, health maintenance and management of multi-system illnesses.

Nephrology – We offer a full range of treatment, including management of acute and chronic renal failure, to patients with complex kidney diseases

Neurology – We provide innovative care and treatment for simple to complex disorders of the nervous system, up-to-date treatments to combat a full range of neurological disorders, including inpatient and outpatient evaluation and management diagnostic testing and care for critical cases.

Oncology – We give compassionate and comprehensive medical care to people with cancer. Our services include infusions and injections for cancer-related conditions.

Pulmonology – We deliver state-of-the-art services for patients dealing with diseases of the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Rheumatology – We provide an integrated array of specialized clinical care from screening and diagnosis to advanced treatment to patients with inflammatory and auto-immune disorders.

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