Eye Center

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With a Sharper Eye

It is said that your eyes are the windows to your health. And certainly, eye disorders can be symptoms of other illnesses like migraines, diabetes and stroke.

Yet, a disease of the eye is already a cause for concern since having good eyesight is a key component to a productive lifestyle. So, the detection and subsequent treatment of eye conditions are definitely necessary in order to have peace of mind and overall relief.

At our Eye Center, you are assured that we have a “sharper eye” when it comes to the accurate diagnosis of a wide array of eye diseases including:

• Glaucoma
• Age-related macular degenerations
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Diseases of the retina

To ensure that our services are indeed of high quality, we utilize state-of-the-art machines and the latest eye care technology.
• Octopus 900 Pro 90 Perimeter
• Visucam 500 Two-In-One Fundus Camera System
• IOL Master 700 Biometry Machine

With these and other instruments like our Stellaris Phacoemulsification Machine (which is used for sutureless cataract surgery) and the OPMI Lumera 700 Surgical Microscope, you can expect to get precise results at De Los Santos Med’s Eye Center.


• Fluorescein Angiography
– A medical imaging technique that uses a fluorescein dye to illuminate the blood vessels and effectively detect the exact location of eye abnormalities

• Biometry
– A non-invasive test that measures the shape & size of the eye in preparation for cataract surgery

• Fundus Photography
– The use of a specialized camera to photograph the inside part of the eye – which includes the retina, optic disc and macula – for diagnostic purposes

• Perimetry
– A test that measures visual field, including the periphery
– Useful in detecting certain patterns of vision loss such as those caused by nerve damage from glaucoma


The Eye Center is located at the 3rd Floor of the Medical Arts Building.

For more information, feel free to call us at 89-DLSMC (89-35762) ext. 8304.


Click on the link for our Ophthalmologists at the Eye Center.