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Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

Includes the following:

  1. Endoscopy room
    • Services
    • Surgical and medical supplies
    • Anesthesia service and consumables
  2. Post-operative care
    • Use of recovery room
    • Analgesics and other medications

Terms and conditions:

  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy is primarily done on an outpatient basis. However, should the patient wish to be admitted for the procedure, the room rate shall be charged on top of the package, while any add-ons and extra medical interventions incurred throughout the duration of the package shall be charged according to the room rate of the patient.
  • The following shall be charged as add-on itemized pricing over the package price, wherein the price shall be dictated by room rate (for inpatients) or by outpatient rate (for outpatients):
    • Other medicines, supplies, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures consumed but not included in the package (either in kind, brand, or excess quantity)
    • Any complications and extra medical intervention that may arise throughout the duration of the confinement of the patient using the medical package
  • CP clearance is not included in the package and should be done separately on an outpatient basis.
  • Any patient who does not pass the CP clearance will not be eligible to avail the package.
  • Room upgrades or downgrades are not permissible. Should the patient insist, the procedure shall be billed on an itemized charging basis instead of the package price.
  • Packages are not eligible to be used simultaneously with any other ongoing hospital and/or government mandated promo or discount.
  • For HMO members and Corporate Accounts of De Los Santos Medical Center, coverage of packages is subject to the approval of the member's Health Maintenance Organization or employer prior to availment.
  • The PhilHealth benefit of the patient will be deducted upon discharge, provided all PhilHealth requirements/documents have been accomplished and presented.


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